Journey to a Smaller Me

I've decided to kick the bad habits and start shedding those pounds once again. This blog is how I will keep motivated through the tough times, share victories in the good times and, hopefully, find some people to take the journey with as well.

I’ve caught myself using this as an excuse a little too often.

I have been eating really well the last few days, I deserve that piece of cake.

I have been working out really hard and regularly, I deserve one extra day off.

I survived a very shitty day at work today, i deserve that sweet drink.

I don’t think the occasional rewards are a bad thing but when it becomes a card that you constantly play - it is a problem.  I am just sabotaging myself. 


Let’s Get Fit!


Let’s Get Fit!

173.5 lbs

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because right now they feel impossible and I cannot wait to surprise myself

Bicep started bothering me a couple of days ago and it’s still kicking my butt.  Thought giving it a couple days rest early in the onset would help but it was whining today. 

On to the ice.  I might have to skip any arm-centric workouts this week :(