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I've decided to kick the bad habits and start shedding those pounds once again. This blog is how I will keep motivated through the tough times, share victories in the good times and, hopefully, find some people to take the journey with as well.
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I’ve been complaining all day about my withdrawals from caffeine.  Carbonated drinks have always been my kryptonite.  The thing that I fall on and off the wagon with endlessly.  

Dr. Pepper is one of my favorites.  Just yesterday I’d say I had 4-5 cans of Dr. Pepper and today I limited myself to one can during lunch.  

To help combat my cravings, I thought I’d try using logic because while I was taking a shower I realized that I’d probably sleep extremely well tonight because I won’t have had caffeine right before bed like I usually do. 

So first, the raw nutrition facts about a can of Dr. Pepper

Calories: 150

Sodium: 55 mg

Sugar: 40 g

In a normal day, drinking 4 of these cans equates to 600 calories, 220 mg of sodium and 160 g of sugar.  By cutting this down to 1 a day, I am chopping 3150 calories a week from my calorie intake!!  That’s crazy right?  I had to recheck my math because I was sure I got that wrong but 150 calories * 3 cans * 7 days = 3150 calories (a pound of bod fat is approx 3500 calories). 

I posted this before but i felt it needed to be said. I was scrolling through some weight loss tags and wow….it amazes how much pain and negativity there is, seems a lot worse than when I first started this blog…

This is definitely not an extreme dieting blog. My goal isn’t to be 90 pounds. I want to be healthier and I want to be healthy in how I do it. That means eating at least 1200 calories a day and 3 meals a day.

There is so much more to life than being ruled by food and calories. I saw so many posts about girls that ate 700 calories and talking about what a failure that is……

and he seemed baffled by the concept.  The conversation ended with him saying that, to lose weight “just eat healthy food.”

*face palm*

The one that says to eat fewer calories than you burn in a day and cutting your calories by about 500 a day through diet and/or exercise

this week’s weigh in is…..155lbs!! 

weight loss for the week: -2.8lbs.

holy crap, that was surprising to see this morning @_@.  I think I might be miscalculating some of my calorie intake…might be making some adjustments.  I want to try to stick to -2lbs a week. BUT! exciting none-the-less.  


need to eat more healthy foods instead of ones with empty calories…

Dispatches: The Truth About Your Food, Part 1

I was watching another BBC show called Dispatches: The Truth About Your Food (I’ll make a video post to it right after this one) and it really brought me back to how I was a few years ago, when I just couldn’t seem to lose the weight.  

This episode targets the key “excuses” that people give for why they are overweight.  Slow metabolism, fat gene, thyroid condition, to sheer confusion because they didn’t eat that much.  

And at first, I was amazed.  How could they be in such denial?  Especially as the episode progresses and the doctors would flat out tell them, your metabolism is perfectly normal but they argue against it because they only eat 1500 calories a day (if you see it, you’ll know this clearly isn’t the case).  Or an overweight family that claims to only eat one meal a day and NEVER snacks and are clearly baffled by their weight only to have a hidden camera reveal constant snacking, drinking and eating? 

But then I realized, I’d just forgotten what it is like.  Because when I took a minute to really think about it, I was once those people.  

Because I was overweight and didn’t understand why.  I think that’s a concept that is difficult for people who have never battled with their weight to understand.  The fact that, people who are overweight are sometimes genuinely baffled by their weight.  Especially for people who have grown up overweight, it’s difficult to see issues in your lifestyle because it’s what you’ve grown up with and it’s really the only way you know.  

So much so that, when you think about what you eat, it doesn’t seem like it’s that much.  I know I felt this way.  I didn’t think I ate more than my skinny friends did.  We all would buy the same lunches at school.  They’d snack on junk food too.  But they stayed skinny and I stayed fat.  

Calorie counting made sense in my head, consume less than your body burns, but it seemed impossible.  Because looking at the food I ate, they were all high in calories (yeah, not a shock).  Everything I liked was high in calories.  Serving sizes looked so small (I think this was the biggest adjustment for me.  Living in a world of supersizes and large portions, this concept of a “normal” serving size felt like starving).  I was sure it couldn’t be right, that’d I had to of made some mistake.  Surely, they couldn’t expect me to live on that little scrap of food!

Anyway, the point of this post is to say that it gets easier.  Don’t get discouraged.  Changing a lifetime of habits isn’t easy.  Try not to punish yourself if you slip occasionally.  Just pick yourself up and keep moving forward.  Changing our perception of food and portion size isn’t easy.  But won’t always be a constant struggle.  Food is not your enemy.  Before you even realize it, the sides with shift.  Suddenly, you’ll find yourself looking at the portions you used to eat and wonder why/how you ever ate that much.

Stay strong, healthy and happy :).

The BBC has released some pretty interesting documentaries on weight loss and dieting.  A lot of them can be found on youtube. 

Here is part 1 of How To Be Slim, which I came across recently.  It provides some interesting information on food and healthy eating habits including foods that help keep you full longer and the fat-losing benefits of incorporating calcium into your diet.  It also addresses some common myths/beliefs like skinny people simply have faster metabolisms compared to overweight people.

Today wasn’t that great a day food-wise.  I was so busy that I hardly ate anything all day until I got home in the evening.  Noticing that I’d only really consumed 500 calories the whole day, I tried to add-in more calories without consuming solely empty calories.  It also meant eating when I wasn’t really hungry.  But, as I’ve already pointed out a few times in this blog, having such a calorie deficit really makes me uncomfortable so I’ll always eat to bring it back up.  Otherwise, I know I’ll probably overeat the next day because my body will feel like it’s starving.  Anyway…

- half an orange

- teriyaki turkey burger (omg it was soooo good!)

- 1 soda

- apple, walnut and chicken salad w/ raspberry vinaigrette

- 1 fun size peanut M&M’s

- water, water, water