Journey to a Smaller Me

I've decided to kick the bad habits and start shedding those pounds once again. This blog is how I will keep motivated through the tough times, share victories in the good times and, hopefully, find some people to take the journey with as well.
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yep, I’m awful but for the last month I’d been having a can of soda every morning when I start work.  

Terrible habit, but it was what kept me sane.  So today, I had that can of soda sitting next to my keyboard like usual but didn’t have a single urge to grab for it.  

I’ve been slowly weaning myself off the caffeine this time around but of work.  The average 9 hour work day is enough to cause me migraines, I don’t need to add withdrawal headaches to them.  So I’ve been bringing a large bottle of water with me and trying to get back in the habit of reaching for that instead of the can o’ caffeine.  

So far so good!

The first big thing this time around again is getting rid of my soda intake. Not cold turkey, I’m not one for torture. But I have upped my water intake and decreased my soda/caffeine intake.

One thing this has reminded me of, is how much better I sleep!

I’d been noticing the increasing tendency to grab snacks in the middle of the night.  A side effect of being a night owl and used to getting things done in the wee-hours of the night. 

Now that the real world is forcing me into more ‘normal’ daytime hours, I have no excuse for the nighttime snacking.  I’m no longer the college student cramming through the night and in the need of a caffeine fix or food refuel.  

Brushing my teeth earlier has helped to curb this.  I’ve caught myself about to give in to grabbing a soda or frozen burrito only to realize that it’d mean brushing my teeth again.  Flossing again.  Then I just crash back into bed or get up and get a glass of water instead.  

Bleh, still packing on the poundages. 159lbs now.

But I did accomplish one thing, back to a 1 soda max a day without headaches! Water is my buddy. Hurrah for breaking - errr maintaining the addiction.

I did good with avoiding temptation, which is more difficult considering there are cupcakes in the fridge.

The first thing to be done - getting off the excessive caffeine/soda.

It always happens when I hit times of extreme stress and these last few weeks I’ve been having 2-3 soda cans a day and 0 bottles of water.

So the first thing I did today was pass by the soda in the fridge (in my garage to make temptation easier to avoid) and filled up my water bottle.  

Baby steps.

hitting a few rough patches the last few days and just trying to get myself back on track right now.  Too much snacking, too much junk food, and little water = feeling like crap.

Today wasn’t that great a day food-wise.  I was so busy that I hardly ate anything all day until I got home in the evening.  Noticing that I’d only really consumed 500 calories the whole day, I tried to add-in more calories without consuming solely empty calories.  It also meant eating when I wasn’t really hungry.  But, as I’ve already pointed out a few times in this blog, having such a calorie deficit really makes me uncomfortable so I’ll always eat to bring it back up.  Otherwise, I know I’ll probably overeat the next day because my body will feel like it’s starving.  Anyway…

- half an orange

- teriyaki turkey burger (omg it was soooo good!)

- 1 soda

- apple, walnut and chicken salad w/ raspberry vinaigrette

- 1 fun size peanut M&M’s

- water, water, water

When I have late night cravings, I reach for my bottle of water to fight it off.

People laugh at me when I tell them that cutting caffeine is an addiction.  They really don’t get it.

I get killer headaches after not having a soda.  I get moody from not having it.  I also physically crave it.  Sometimes it takes all I have to move for a refill of water instead of grabbing that can of soda.

When I lost weight the first time around, soda was practically a food group for me.  I couldn’t eat food without having a soda.  That had to be one of the hardest habits to break out of.  Water felt so strange with my meals.  It was just a tasteless liquid…*blech*.  Water was a foreign idea.  I’d been addicted to soda for as long as I can remember.  There is even a picture of me as a toddler with a can of soda.

I am not pressuring myself to quit soda altogether.  Limiting it to 1 a day is manageable.  I fall off the wagon every now and again but no one is perfect (I also don’t count the occasional Starbucks frap toward that limit ;) ).